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Rise to the Occasion

May 30, 2016


From something Peter Baumann said to me in 1985. Rise to the Occasion   Each new day Is a dry shave with a dull blade It’s so hard When the weight of the world Presses you to the linen But if you don’t wake up When you get up Your history is written You have […]


May 26, 2014


Actually, in days gone by, I wrote two books of  poetry.   I went down to the banks to play And added briney thoughts To the miles in between There in the sand stood a crane Focused on a minnow he had lost and seen   In the spring the snow melts away Stretching the […]


May 28, 2013


You have to click the image to get the full impact. One day, I had a fever dream… Sleeptown I’m going down into Sleeptown Sometimes in your sleep you will fall between the grids of your dreams past their streets into the sewers below but don’t be afraid In  the sewage and stillage of your […]

Time’s A-Wasting at Big Sam’s

May 26, 2013


Image by Peter Baumann When you drive in you can smell the swamp air The musty septic smell of wet decay In a cardboard-crowded cellar that’s never dry You walk through the packed lot and Up to the door that still says “Soft Sam’s” Inside you wonder how so many cars Could bring so few […]

Unrequited Waltz

February 15, 2013


Image: Rye Beach, after the storm. How many of us have stood on this spot? The sky was black before me, and blue behind. Some things you can never have Dancing through your fingers Like a moonbeam With a laugh Keep on reaching For your dreams I think it’s gone Then I hear your name […]

More Net than Weave

November 25, 2012


The sun is a red blossom On the morning As the boat swings pregnant Into the outgoing tide The mist in the channel rising Gentle as thoughts To embellish clustered houses – Perched watchful mothers – Above the rickety docks Eyes winking open at our passing So, so beautiful For a moment I want a […]

Paper Mountain

November 19, 2012


Paper Mountain I’ve got a friend With the loveliest eyes He can see But he can’t fly At first I couldn’t see His forests Nor his trees Now, it’s all clear to me Some men have honor And some have fame Some have wealth We all have shame Our waters are dirty And our children […]