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She Loves Me, She Cleaned My Truck

May 7, 2018


All photos by Mike Sepelak, Mike’s Gone Fishing I opened the door to my ‘76 Ram Charger and nothing fell out. Absolutely nothing. That should’ve been my first clue, but I was busy shucking my gear in for the day and thinking about other things until I got in and saw the card carefully stood […]

Troutaholics Anonymous

March 8, 2018


Cover image by Amber Mullen, don’t you wish your ice cubes looked like that? This is the long version of the story that was published in the last issue of the Fly Fish Journal. I had to cut half of it to fit, and it I sent it to 6 published authors who each cut […]

The Snob

November 9, 2015


Here is a little story that grew entirely from the first sentence.  It has maybe the smallest ending I ever wrote, but maybe it’s just more understated than my typical attempts. As always, only what you think is important, so please leave me comments and if you like it, Share it on FB with the buttons […]

Don’t Tell Lucille

August 16, 2015


Do not click on this image. Or lick on it. Originally, this story started off as a noir thriller, when I came across the perfect description of plot outline in Acres of Perhaps, by Will Ludwigsen, “What the fuck? Holy Shit! Oh my god.”  And then this happened. Mom, you probably won’t like this one. […]

Published not Once, but Twice

January 5, 2014


Those fine arbiters of piscatorial literature at the Fly Fish Journal decided to publish not only one, but two of my stories, with a 3rd in the works.  This story, Poached not Once, but Twice is the polar opposite of the dark and twisted Cruelest Thing they published in the previous issue. A whimsical Irish […]

Michael Kilkenny’s Wake

December 1, 2013


The poacher Michael Kilkenny is in a bind: pay his fine or go to jail. But everything he does makes it worse, until death is his only option. A mixed-up, crazy tale of poaching, fraud, and romance in Ireland during the Golden Age of fly fishing. Michael’s latest conviction will send him to jail if […]

F*cking Cats

August 10, 2013


Sorry about the language, mom. A while ago I thought about entering some flash fiction contests and ginned up a bunch of stories in my head on the way to work.  Believe it or not I don’t just write about fly fishing! At any rate, Brianne Barkley,  a woman with a flash fiction site started […]