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August 10, 2013


A story that came to me in a dream when I still worked at Xbox (yeah, that long ago). I did a lot of research on it but I had some moral issues with it so never typed it up before. The story takes place in LA. The LA river really has a fascinating history. […]

The Very Cruelest Thing Recording

May 11, 2013


No time to read my stuff? Well, now you can listen to it! Jennifer Marble suggested it and Mark Hoffman has very generously recorded one of my stories. It’s about 10 min. and you can click the link to hear it on youtube.  This is the story that got ~3,000 hits in one weekend and […]

Chapter 10: Michael Kilkenny’s Wake, Dig Him Up to Bury Him

May 5, 2013


This week’s image is from Rye Beach. I can still remember standing in my parents’ kitchen as the storm was clearing and grabbing my camera to run to the beach with my sister. The storm was still over the ocean, but everything to the west of 1A was clear and sunny, casting  an eerie light […]

Chapter 9: Ignorance is not Innocence; Intent is not Guilt

April 28, 2013


I’m going for  twofer as I think I posted so late last night nobody noticed it. Herein some actual historical facts are revealed which makes this whole story possible.  Between the Irish history, the currency, and the fly fishing history this story actually took a lot of research. Okay, well at least an hour on […]

Chapter 8: Michael Kilkenny’s Wake, Take the Bullet

April 28, 2013


This is the antepenultimate chapter. I always wanted to use that word. I have been holding off publishing this chapter because I know I’m going to rewrite it. A classic farce requires a chase scene and I realized this is the place for it, but while I’m working it out in my head, the story […]

Chapter 7: Michael Kilkenny’s Wake, Swimming in Beer

April 14, 2013


For all 3 steadfast readers. 7 Swimming in Beer Chapter 6 The next morning I was snug in me bed, pondering how delightfully quiet an entire hungover town could be, when there was a terrible pounding at the door, what I believe the Americans call a “knock.” In my feeble condition I made it to […]

Chapter 6: Michael Kilkenny’s Wake

April 5, 2013


My 99th post! A Coarse Fish An hour later the whole party was on the road leading out of town. Roberta dressed again in her brother’s clothes and not looking any too happy about it. As we met, Mr Thompkins stretched out his hand. “Sir, what are your terms.” I rubbed me palms together and […]