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Cars, Boats, & Trains

May 9, 2014


Other Car Galleries: Photographing Reflections Port Gamble Car Show Big Rock 1 B&W Cars Car Shows 1 Color Cars 2 Car Shows Rat Rods Shooting Fish in a Barrel B&W Portfolio I feel like shooting metal is cheating. And I love to cheat. P.S. Who Are You and Where are You From? WordPress gives me […]

Trees & Plants

May 8, 2014


B&W Portfolil0 Yes, some of them are redundant, but only for regulars 😉

Skunk Cabbage

May 3, 2014


B&W Portfolio Since I smashed the hell out of my 90mm lens, been playing with my macro, a lot. I’ve always found the curves of skunk cabbage to be very sensual. Also doing a lot of film testing and been playing with contrast a bit, moving zones around. Particularly playing with printing darker, lower contrast […]

One Log, Here be Dragons

May 2, 2014


B&W Portfolio Photos of about six feet of an old-growth log on the Snoqualmie at the base of Twin Falls, more grist for From the Mountains to the Sea. I hiked to the falls one day and then hiked down to the river on the way back, looking for fishing spots I admit, and then  […]

Nearly Luminescent

April 29, 2014


B&W Portfolio A few years ago my friend Stephanie came to town and we went up the Sky hitting Eagle Falls, Boulder Drop, and Bridal Falls getting pictures for my “Mountains to the Sea” portfolio. Some of these are almost good enough to print.

The Lost Rolls

April 28, 2014


B&W Portfolio Lost some rolls of film. I guess I found them, but now where are the rolls I thought I was developing? Some of these are so luminous, I almost rescanned them to get some of the crap off of them. It’s amazing what a tiny change in process can do for your final […]

Em & Jon Play with a Camera

April 27, 2014


B&W Portfolio Emmie and I shared the camera one day for a walk along the Snoqualmie.