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The Neighborhood of Rod Building

January 2, 2014


Every rod has a story, and I’ve noticed how the last few I’ve build have forged connections far and wide. Big rods in a small world Recently, I set up my rod lathe again. It seems that almost unconsciously I’ve collected a rod shop of blanks. For a while I was searching for the ideal […]

Ice in the Guides

December 8, 2013


And Guide in the Ice Today, I got up when I usually get up, drove for as long as I usually drive, but instead of ending up in a cubicle, I ended up at the headwaters of a North Cascades river, so close to Eastern Washington, we could’ve walked across the divide, looking over the […]

Steelheading with Primal Angler

March 25, 2013


Yes, Virginia, there are Steelhead in that there Water Many pictures by Ryan Davey. Read his version here. Was a time when I worked from home and every day at 4 o’clock I would take my 13’8″ Spey rod (I actually met Ryan by buying that rod from him), walk across the street  to the […]

How to Construct a Rational Grid for a Book

July 19, 2012


For Alana. Introduction I’m forgoing a catchy title hoping that perhaps somebody might actually find this blog through a search, as I had to figure this out for myself and it seems the information should be out there. Right now, there is a lot of discussion about grids for web design. People have finally figured […]

Impossible Failure; Ultimate Irony

July 24, 2011


One Long Night Took a week off to go back to New Hampshire. I haven’t fished much in the last year, and I guess that kind of built up in me.  I spent the night before the trip sorting gear agonizing over what to bring. The river there is the slipperiest place on earth. It’s […]