You Didn’t Know Me Then

Here are some of my really old stories. Pre-fire stuff. I can tell a lot of them were way before I became an editor, so I’m sure people will have a blast with that! I haven’t even reread them to clean them up, yet. Some of the early ones, especially, I’m sure are pretty sophomoric.

Here’s a little synopsis about what I remember.

Now Life, Still Life

This is my first story. The Cave allegory, retold. I wrote it at lunch at Boeing one day when it was still a  fireable offense to use the computers for private stuff.

Baby Bust

At some point, I notice that nobody, but nobody, had a normal 9-month pregnancy, and that this most natural phenomenon was getting less and less so. I remember working on this almost every day before Aikido. First story I really worked on to stitch all of the parts together.

Last Call

The second of the Elixir Trilogy, a new take on the Odd Couple.  The first story of the trilogy seems to be corrupted. Try to find a version to print. This came to me in a dream.

On the Road to Far Away Peak

Wrote this one day sitting at R’s house waiting for her to get out of work.

Van Goh’s Absinthe

The story everybody loves. Takes Place in Portsmouth. The third Elixir Trilogy story. These all take place in Purgatory. This and Heromaker are the two stories I give to people when I want them to tell me to be a writer. This came to me in a dream.

The Unmanning of Seaman Trueworthy Shrift

This also came to me in a dream. A sea tale told in purple  prose. I dreamt it, woke up at 3AM, told it to myself until I had it all worked out. Got up at 7 and typed it straight out, done by noon. I often wonder if I could squeeze it into the fly fishing book. Named after my uncle True. Yes, my family really is that New England.

Sledder (Home Front)

Another dream tale. Very dark. Still don’t fully get it. But I don’t get a lot of fiction. Flashbacks adapted from a true story my dad told me about a friend of ours in WWII.

The Other America

I like this story. It’s short and tight. Ultimately, it’s a love story, but you wouldn’t know that if I didn’t tell you.

I’ll keep looking for other stories and might even finish up a few I have lying around.

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