Published not Once, but Twice

Posted on January 5, 2014


Those fine arbiters of piscatorial literature at the Fly Fish Journal decided to publish not only one, but two of my stories, with a 3rd in the works.  This story, Poached not Once, but Twice is the polar opposite of the dark and twisted Cruelest Thing they published in the previous issue. A whimsical Irish short-short. And although they didn’t use my most recent edits, I’m not going to quibble with getting into print! Because we used my parents’ actual wedding photos, people are assuming the story is true, which I guess is kind of a nice homage. My sister helped collect the images they used in the article, taken by my uncle over 50 years ago, so it really was a family affair. In fact, the only way I knew it was published was he got his courtesy copy and called my mom. It was nice to be able to out and get a copy while I was home and share it with them.

As always, time is too short, and filled with unimportant things. When I look at these pictures and think how handsome my parents are and what a great life they’ve lead, well, it inspires me for the new year.