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The Thayer Barn

April 10, 2015


How I Really Got Sucked into Digital HDR There is was this old barn on the outskirts of town that was fast-forwarding through it’s decay. At some point a group of people banded together to try to save the barn, move it and make it into some sort of arts/civic center. Then another splinter group […]

A Zone System Example

May 12, 2014


Featured image was purposefully exposed to send these shadows “into the black.” There is one post on here that gets a least one hit a day. Lot’s of hits, no comments, go figure. It’s my post about B&W HDR. And I’m really glad that gets so many hits because I really spent a long time […]

Skunk Cabbage

May 3, 2014


B&W Portfolio Since I smashed the hell out of my 90mm lens, been playing with my macro, a lot. I’ve always found the curves of skunk cabbage to be very sensual. Also doing a lot of film testing and been playing with contrast a bit, moving zones around. Particularly playing with printing darker, lower contrast […]

Abstraction through Post Production

November 28, 2012


Absinthe Cosmos How time flies. A few years ago, well, several years ago now, I took a couple of rolls of film of a subject (and some digital too!). At the time I working on the film development phase of the Zone System, and the original subject matter only had about 1.5-2 zones of contrast. […]

Iconic Photos – Why They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That Any More

November 4, 2012


The Million Monkey Problem My boss is quite a photographer, and even has a degree in graphic design.  So at lunch the other day, where I consider it bad form to discuss work, I asked him about photography. He said some thing very interesting. He said “digital photography has allowed the average person to take […]

Introducing B&W Film Photography Class

February 9, 2012


First, with my crazy 2 job schedule, I’m just not getting into the darkroom. Second, so many people have said they want to come over and work in the darkroom, but nobody ever does. Therefore, I decided I would teach a class. It would be 1x/week for 4 weeks. Then you can use the darkroom […]

HDR B&W, Digital vs. Film

October 22, 2011


Author’s note: This post did everything I hoped, in that it covers a subject I haven’t seen elsewhere; it’s the most popular subject on my blog: despite it’s age it gets regular hits so people must be coming to it from search engines. It took me a long time to come to these realizations and […]

Photography, 13 Books

July 6, 2011


Recently my friend Kat asked me to recommend some photography books. As mentioned before, for me photography is about the realization of the print. Images on the screen may be a step in that process, but are generally not an end in themselves. I shoot film, mostly B&W. I print my shots in the dark […]

Revisualization – Deviating from Style

June 8, 2011


I got sent on a last minute business trip to Singapore. Normally, no matter where I go I pack my entire medium format kit. But with time constraints, a 24 hour flight, and having to also take a laptop, I decided to take just the DSLR and two lenses: a 12-24mm zoom, and a 28-200mm […]