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The Thayer Barn

April 10, 2015


How I Really Got Sucked into Digital HDR There is was this old barn on the outskirts of town that was fast-forwarding through it’s decay. At some point a group of people banded together to try to save the barn, move it and make it into some sort of arts/civic center. Then another splinter group […]

A Zone System Example

May 12, 2014


Featured image was purposefully exposed to send these shadows “into the black.” There is one post on here that gets a least one hit a day. Lot’s of hits, no comments, go figure. It’s my post about B&W HDR. And I’m really glad that gets so many hits because I really spent a long time […]

Skunk Cabbage

May 3, 2014


B&W Portfolio Since I smashed the hell out of my 90mm lens, been playing with my macro, a lot. I’ve always found the curves of skunk cabbage to be very sensual. Also doing a lot of film testing and been playing with contrast a bit, moving zones around. Particularly playing with printing darker, lower contrast […]

Abstraction through Post Production

November 28, 2012


Absinthe Cosmos How time flies. A few years ago, well, several years ago now, I took a couple of rolls of film of a subject (and some digital too!). At the time I working on the film development phase of the Zone System, and the original subject matter only had about 1.5-2 zones of contrast. […]

Iconic Photos – Why They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That Any More

November 4, 2012


The Million Monkey Problem My boss is quite a photographer, and even has a degree in graphic design.  So at lunch the other day, where I consider it bad form to discuss work, I asked him about photography. He said some thing very interesting. He said “digital photography has allowed the average person to take […]

Introducing B&W Film Photography Class

February 9, 2012


First, with my crazy 2 job schedule, I’m just not getting into the darkroom. Second, so many people have said they want to come over and work in the darkroom, but nobody ever does. Therefore, I decided I would teach a class. It would be 1x/week for 4 weeks. Then you can use the darkroom […]