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Falling Awake

July 26, 2017


Another silly romance. I wrote this in hypnagogia, the state between sleep and wakefulness, Sunday morning. Come to think of it, I’ve probably written over one third of all my stuff on Sunday mornings in this state. I should get more sleep! At any rate, it was probably inspired by Bradbury’s Bright Phoenix, which I […]

Gunpowder Worm

June 26, 2017


Preface A few years ago, I realized all the stories in You Didn’t Know Me Then, were a collection of loosely connected vignettes that could all take place in the same universe à la Martian Chronicles or Dandelion Wine. In this near-future world, a comet carrying a silicon-destroying virus shatters in the earth’s atmosphere, distributing […]

Pigs of Minot

January 7, 2017


A few nights ago I had a fever and I had one of those dreams that goes all night, no matter how many times I wake up, every time I go back to sleep, it continues. This allows me to think about and shape the dream, and it’s actually a large part of my writing […]

200th Blog

March 27, 2016


Okay, well 209th, but I have so many “almost done” blogs that I haven’t really published much of anything this year. I thought a lot about this blog as it came up, coincident with me breaking 49,000 views. Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, to get 50,000 views on the 200th post? I’ve been working […]


July 24, 2015


Forward I debated a long time about writing this story. Yes, it came to me pretty complete and so was pretty easy to write, but that does not always mean it’s worth typing up. I would appreciate any feedback on it. It’s also my first “hard” science fiction story, a story where science drives the […]

The Last Out

December 10, 2014


Lisa drove up to the ball field, the station wagon sagging a little in the springs. She could smell the new-mown grass in the cooling air. She looked at Dylan in the back and chewed her lip. After agonizing about it all day, she still felt bad about not telling him, but she knew they […]

A Small, Sharp Blade

May 14, 2014


An Apology for the Horrifically Banal This is the worst story I ever wrote. It’s just terrible.  I mean, it’s about nothing. It took me forever to write it, one paragraph at a time. I couldn’t even edit it I got so bored. So why did I do it? Well, it came to me in […]

Night Train

March 9, 2014


A dream I had once, that all came true. I got out of the ancient Chevy and the wind instantly cut into me with grains of sand. It reminded me of shards of glass from a car accident I was once in. Then it reminded me of here. My childhood. The wind and the sand […]

The Dark

August 11, 2013


Another flash piece. You’d be afraid of the dark too, after a night like that. I was back from college, visiting Crandall. He was one of those guys who had no aspirations beyond high school. He was going to stay in the same place and be a big fish in a little pond.  He was […]