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How Kurt Vonnegut Taught Me to Create PowerPoint Decks

May 17, 2018


Featured image graciously provided by the artist Maya Eilam at  Narrative in Technical Writing 3 Story Crafting 8 Recently, I was working on a PowerPoint presentation for work, and despite creating if from an agreed upon outline, the customer wanted a total rewrite. That’s okay, the deck was about the Agile philosophy, one tenet […]

6th Anniversary Blog

May 18, 2017


Nothing Focuses the Mind like a Hanging — Errrr, Anniversary Today is the 6th Anniversary of this blog, a time when I usually sum up my creative efforts for the year. And which explains the annual rush of May postings. I originally started the blog because I was, how do they say – between opportunities […]

Writing Forest God

May 16, 2017


And Rewriting It, And Rewriting It, And Rewriting It Two years ago, I was hot on my novel, Boa, New Mexico. I had written 50,000 words in two weeks and had the entire book plotted out. I have a white board at home with maps and everything. And then one day, I woke to a […]

Grammar vs. Typography

May 13, 2017


I have been working on first editing, and then designing a book on Fly Fishing in the Russian Far East for a very long time, like almost a decade.  And I care. I really, really care. I built it on a grid where every single aspect of the design is scaled off of the font […]

Storycrafting 8 – Story Starter Worksheet

April 25, 2017


A while back I wrote I Have an Idea for a Book/Movie, I admit it was a bit rough. But when I got stuck on a story recently (for like 2 years), I decided to take my own advice and create a worksheet for the story to see if I could diagnose the issue. This […]

Storycrafting 7 — “I Have an Idea for a Book/Movie”

November 17, 2016


Get the Worksheet Idea, Situation, Concept, Premise & Theme the Storycrafting Prequel People say this to me all of the time “I have an idea for a story…” I bet you do, because you are an intelligent, creative person and I respect you. And I can predict how the conversation goes from here. Either you […]

Storycrafting 5 – Mapping Die with a Human Heart Part 2

May 20, 2016


This post was kind of a follow along to Storycrafting 4. I had not really looked at Propps Narramemes until I was editing this series of posts. It was basically free content to try it out, and it was a very surprisingly good fit. Storycrafting 1 – The Hero’s Journey Storycrafting 2 – Assembling a […]

Storycrafting 4 – Mapping Die with a Human Heart Part 1

May 19, 2016


Mapping Human Heart to the Universal Monomyth Grids from Storycrafting 3 Previous blogs on this topic. Storycrafting 1 – The Hero’s Journey Storycrafting 2 – Assembling a Story Storycrafting 3 – Comparing Various Versions of the Hero’s Journey I think this horse is pretty well beat, but I thought I would just take one of my […]

Storycrafting 3 – Comparing Various Versions of the Hero’s Journey

May 17, 2016


My Hero Can Beat Up Your Hero Storycrafting 1 – The Hero’s Journey Storycrafting 2 – Assembling a Story “If there is a magic in story writing, and I am convinced there is, no one has ever been able to reduce it to a recipe that can be passed from one person to another. The […]

Storycrafting 2 – Assembling a Story

May 16, 2016


In which I pontificate out loud hoping that if I can’t solve your story problems, at least I can solve mine. Storycrafting 1 Dream Storming Almost all of my stories start with dreams. Only recently have I been able to consciously craft a story from an idea. For example, a while ago I was in […]