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2018 Tour de Forest Rally

October 8, 2018


Lift, Brake, Steer This is a big blog with lots of images. Go have a beer while it’s loading. For more and better pictures visit Bernard’s blog.  I’ve always been fascinated by rally racing. Maybe it hearkens back to when I used to ride in the dirt, or when my dad used to stock car […]

2018 Doovall Daze Car Show

June 25, 2018


A Study in Opposites: 39 Color vs. B&W Comparisons, the Snap Judgement Blog Besides the teeth counting contest, the car show is probably the only redeemable part of Doovall Daze, a weekend every spring where the town mothers and fathers create a traffic jam in an attempt to impede business even further and force you […]

2018 Cruizin’ on Colby

May 31, 2018


All Hot Rods Should Just be B&W I used to go to this show every year, hauling my medium format camera on a tripod for B&W and an SLR with slide film for color. Many of the earliest shots on here come from then.  I haven’t been so long, I almost forgot about it. Now, […]

RTC Exotics Show

May 26, 2018


It took me 10 years to finally get to visit this and I have to say, it’s so overwhelming, it’s underwhelming. Two weeks ago, I’d never seen a Mclaren, today I saw twelve side-by-side. It was like the time I went to the beach at Cannes and saw 7000 topless women. The act of going […]


May 6, 2018


Before they imploded the King Dome to fritter our tax money on other unnecessary sporting venues the never-original Seattle came up with the name “SoDo” for the gritty, light industrial area south of the King Dome. I guess it’s better than one of the previous monikers: Hooverville, named after the shanty town slum that grew […]

Nearly 200 Crooked Doors of Portsmouth

January 6, 2018


It’s been a while since I posted, mostly because my short stories keep turning into novellas. I do have 50 drafts I need to finish, and I thought I would start with this one while it’s still timely. My sister and I did our annual trip to Portsmouth where we walk around Portsmouth and I […]

2017 Eclipse and Mt Hood

August 23, 2017


The eclipse trip came together in a wham-bam sort of way.  I ordered the appropriate 10 stop ND filter, twice, including trying to have it come to Government Camp at Mt. Hood where we were staying and it never showed. The night before I made 8 pinhole cameras in a flurry of activity. We spent […]