Ray Bradbury’s The Swan/Prequel to Old-Fashioned Lime-Vanilla Ice

May 17, 2017


Why I vow to never order chocolate ice cream again Like the Martian Chronicles, you can view Dandelion Wine as essentially a series of short stories set in the same milieu. Many of the chapters from DW were reprinted as individual short stories. In fact, this story “The Swan” was first published Cosmopolitan, September 1954, […]

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Writing Forest God

May 16, 2017


And Rewriting It, And Rewriting It, And Rewriting It Two years ago, I was hot on my novel, Boa, New Mexico. I had written 50,000 words in two weeks and had the entire book plotted out. I have a white board at home with maps and everything. And then one day, I woke to a […]

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The Forest God

May 15, 2017


The Forest God Here is a quick little story two-and-a-half years in the making which would probably still be being pondered over if I hadn’t set the artificial deadline of my blog anniversary (5/18) to “publish” it. Confession of Solomon Pentacost This day, October 31, 1665, Solomon Pentacost My name is Solomon Pentacost. As I […]

Grammar vs. Typography

May 13, 2017


I have been working on first editing, and then designing a book on Fly Fishing in the Russian Far East for a very long time, like almost a decade.  And I care. I really, really care. I built it on a grid where every single aspect of the design is scaled off of the font […]

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Stories of the Sea, The Lobster

May 12, 2017


My friend Bob Triggs shared the feature image with me on fb, the day before the event. I looked at it with mild interest a couple of times, went to possibly the worst website I’ve ever seen, then noticed that there was an email address on the original image if you wanted to be a […]

Story Starter Worksheet

April 25, 2017


A while back I wrote I Have an Idea for a Book/Movie, I admit it was a bit rough. But when I got stuck on a story recently (for like 2 years), I decided to take my own advice and create a worksheet for the story to see if I could diagnose the issue. This […]

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Still Falling Wind in the Rain Rewrite

April 2, 2017


I was toying with reading this at Writers on the Fly and  I decided to replace the Dylan Thomas poem in the original Still Falling with one of my own verses. What do you think? It was a glorious day. The sky was as blue as an old flame’s eye and the leaves jumped against […]

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