Story Starter Worksheet

April 25, 2017


A while back I wrote I Have an Idea for a Book/Movie, I admit it was a bit rough. But when I got stuck on a story recently (for like 2 years), I decided to take my own advice and create a worksheet for the story to see if I could diagnose the issue. This […]

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Still Falling Wind in the Rain Rewrite

April 2, 2017


I was toying with reading this at Writers on the Fly and  I decided to replace the Dylan Thomas poem in the original Still Falling with one of my own verses. What do you think? It was a glorious day. The sky was as blue as an old flame’s eye and the leaves jumped against […]

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Dandelion Wine – The Happiness Machine

February 8, 2017


I first read this as a separately excerpted short. It was originally published in the Saturday Evening Post complete with a Rockwell image. At any rate, now that we all spend the better part of our days staring into our own Happiness Machines, I found this story even more compelling…Again, you should probably get a […]

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Dandelion Wine – Wake Up and Live

January 18, 2017


Some authors I read all at once, some I parse out over a lifetime, knowing they will write no more, savoring it like a case of wine you sample from every decade or so, appreciating each new sip more than the last. Ray Bradbury is one of those authors. How he feels about  Waukeegan, is […]

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Pigs of Minot

January 7, 2017


A few nights ago I had a fever and I had one of those dreams that goes all night, no matter how many times I wake up, every time I go back to sleep, it continues. This allows me to think about and shape the dream, and it’s actually a large part of my writing […]

Portsmouth Christmas 2016, Non-Door Shots

January 5, 2017


Just a few shots I clicked off while looking at doors. At one point there was a protrusion into the river by Pierce Island (just a few cables downstream of the featured image at the top of the post), called Henderson’s Point, but better known locally as “Pull or be Damned Point” because if you […]

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More Crooked Doors of Portsmouth

January 3, 2017


Last year, I did a post, 99 Crooked Doors of Portsmouth, (I thought it was much longer ago) which turned out to be unexpectedly popular.  I followed this up with Crooked Doors of Woodstock, another town my sister wrote about (one of those shots became a magazine cover)>As I am wont to wander Portsmouth, especially […]

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