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Posted on December 18, 2018


I came across this today. My friend Amber published this on her FB page like two years ago. And while it’s rather glowing, I like to think there is some value in her synopsis of some of favorite stories for people who have not read any of my stuff. Without any With only minimal editorializing on part, here you go. One of us (hopefully her) will update with my newer stuff. 🙂 I mean, why write my own blog if I don’t have to?

My dear friend Jon is a writer and photographer. He writes hilarious tales of fly fishing that you just pray are true while reading them. These are even better when you know the people in the stories.He writes romantic, magical stories that come from his dreams that will make you wish you dreamed like he does.

Most of his posted stories are works in progress and he is always seeking feedback. I am trying, but I have not yet pointed out all of his typos, so please forgive those. 🙂

So, new readers, please show him some love. I know he thrives on hearing from you.
Main landing page:

Here are a few of my favorites (so far) to get you started.

With all the damn fly fishing stories I have endured in the past nearly decade, you would think I would skip over these all together. But no one tells them like Jon does. And I can’t stop reading.
The World Needs More Poutine
Finding Buddha on the Sauk Editor: Published in Hatch Magazine (They actually published me quite a few times, too, but no easy way to pull them all up )
Two Bottles
When I’m fishing I Don’t Long for My Responsibilities

This piece was published in the Fly Fishing Journal and is based on fact (Editor’s note: they’ve published me 8 times including two features):
The Very Cruelest Thing Editor: also published on Gink and Gasoline (They actually published me quite a few times.)
The Very Cruelest Thing Story Behind the Story

This is a fly fishing story, maybe one of the first of his that I read, and I laughed and laughed as I could just see this all playing out in my head:
Two Nights at King Lake

Jon was telling me bits of this story the other night, so I thought I should read the published version. You should too.
Don’t Tell Lucille Editor: Feature Story in Fly Fish Journal. This story actually came with a warning. From the website: “*Warning: This is not a normal flyfishing story. Writer Jon Tobey’s newest work for The Flyfish Journal may be the wildest, most off-the-wall and hilarious piece of flyfishing fiction ever published. In fact, it’s difficult to even describe what happens in “Don’t Tell Lucille” without sounding a tiny bit nuts. Illustrated by artist Paul Puckett.”

This story is great – some of the best dialogue I think he has written.
The Devil Knows You’re Dead

Jon will shamelessly tell you this is his favorite piece. There are some very special moments captured here.
Die with a Human Heart  Editor: published on Gink and Gasoline

This story is stunning. I think this might have been the story that caused me to get lost in his writing forever.
Van Gogh’s Absinthe

I almost don’t know what to say about this one. A fishing story not about fishing. Jon writes about love in ways that make you wonder if you’ve ever had it all.
Still Falling

And then there’s Riversong. I’ve read this approximately 37 times. We’ll call it 38 though because if it crosses my mind, I have to go there again. After you’ve read it a dozen or so times, read it out loud to someone, even if that someone is you. Just trust me on this point. (Editor’s note: And I also rewrite this fairly regularly. New version coming)

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